Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I just want to inquire about your data recovery service.

Certainly, we specialize in data salvaging and file recovery on many different types of storage devices such as hard drives, USB flash drives, tapes, CDs, DVDs and etc. We are proud to offer the cost-effective and efficient data recovery service from large corporations to small businesses. We also do outsourcing for other companies in this industry by using our advanced technology and competitive rates in the market. Our mission is to satisfy special needs of our various clients in a way to save any critical data from all unexpected disk disasters. We have already helped many people to get their important company files or unforgettable memories back.

2. How many years have you been in business ?

We have been in this business for over 14 years already, and our technicians are all highly trained and experienced in the latest techniques with over 10 years of successful professional performances in the past.

3. Is there any estimation fee on disks?

Not at all. No recovery, no charge. The estimation is absolutely free. You are not paying anything until the data is recovered under your approval.

4. What should I do if my computer disk has failed ?

The number one rule to save the data is to shut down the computer immediately and remove the power from the computer. The most important thing that has to been done after is to consult with a professional. The reason for doing so is that any additional movement between the platter and the head can cause severe physical damage that will likely lead data to be unrecoverable.

5. What are the possible causes for data lost on a hard drive?

There are two typical reasons for losing data on a hard drive.

Physical damage: this is resulted from mishandling of the drive or circuit failure of the PCB board that is attached to the hard drive. Physical damage always causes at least some data loss, and in many cases due to physical damage the logical structures of the file system also may get damaged, all such damages constitute physical crashes of hard drive.

Logical Crash: Logical damage is primarily caused by human error which includes accidental deletion of files, accidentally formatting drive and power outages may cause file system structures getting damaged, virus is also another cause.

6. Are there cases that the data can not be recovered?

Yes. This happens when the platters have been physically scratched and scraped by the head due to many attempts of powering on the hard drive. Such procedures cause critical damage to the logical structure of the data itself or the internal physical components of the drive.

7. What happens if you recovered a bunch of data that I don’t want but the data I need could not be salvaged?

We don’t ask for any up-front payment before you agree on the recoverable files. Alone with the quotation, we will also send you a list of what we can recover. The acceptance of the quotation also means that you already have all the data you need. As a result, you are not paying for anything that is not useful for you.

8. What about customer confidentiality?

All recovery work is administered on-site by our own dependable staff. After completion of any recovery, the individually assigned engineer and his direct manager have access to your data, which is stored on highly secure file servers.

9. Can I bring the disk back if there is some data can not opened after I get my data back?

Of course you can do that. Our technician will take a look with no additional charges for such files.

10. How much do you charge?

Well, we do not give quotes before we take a look at the drive. It is ranging from $500 to over thousands of dollars. The price is depending on makes, models, the degree of the damage on the disk, and also how much data we could recover.

11. Do you put drives into the clean room?

We will do whenever it’s necessary.

12. What should I do to get started with your company?

You can either ship the device here or drop it off to us at your convenience. There will be an agreement before we provide the service, for detailed information, please check here.

13. What is the process?

Ship or drop off the device=>Free evaluation=>Firm quote on problems=> You approve the quotation=>Provide data list, No data, No charge=>Stuff will keep you informed about the status=>Data back.

14. How long dose the evaluation take?

Standard evaluations are guaranteed to be completed within 48 hours upon arriving at our facilities.

15. How long does the recovery will be?

Normally 2-3 business days after the approval. It also varies from the job volume we get at the same period as well as the difficulties of the disks we receive, therefore, delay is possible. If you require an emergency service, please contact our representative.

If we need to order any parts for the hard drive, the time will be greatly depending on when we will receive the part, could be one to two weeks.

16. How do I track my device?

Please contact our representative; in fact, they will contact you for progress details.

17. How will my data be returned?

Normally we store any data that is or less than 4.3G on DVDs, otherwise an additional external drive will be required, the cost depending on the capacity of the drive.