Depot Warranty

Depot Warranty

Depot Warranty

This CTS service is for products at time of purchase which can then be brought or shipped to CTS for servicing, installation, upgrades, data recovery, virus removal, etc… within our facility.

You purchase this product at time of sale when we know products function fully or you can purchase it afterwards once we have tested the items you want covered and we know they function properly.

No warranty not an issue, we can still repair your item, we do this for 1,000’s of customers every year.

We even service fortune 500 customers.

What This Service Offers:

  • Professional and In-Depth Diagnosis of Equipment Problems
  • You “Only” pay for what you want and if you want it.
  • Extensive in-house inventory of parts (New & Used)
  • Only” Top Quality name brand Parts
  • Highly Trained and Skilled Professionals
  • Low Costs
  • Quick Turnaround Times, 2-3 day average
    • Express One Day Service for added minimal fee
  • Expertise in all major name brands
  • Also can provide system Upgrades, Virus Removal, Data Backup or Recovery or software installation and removal
  • CTS repairs come with a standard limited warranty
  • Satisfaction of knowing the job is being done right

Typically within the week the items are completed and returned to the customer at CTS costs or held for customer pickup.

We do not repair items until you know what the costs are for repair, only once you have approved do we begin the repairs.

Interested, then please inquire on how CTS can get your items under this service program, if you are not already covered.