On – Site Warranty

On-Site Warranrty

Protect your investmentWarranty

CTS goes to your office, stores or other locations and repairs or replaces components or items which are covered under this On-Site Warranty agreement within the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) or outside of it too at a minimal extra charge.

What this Service offers:

  • Geared Directly to each Client
  • Geared toward Small to Midsized Businesses
  • CTS Delivers Client In-house Service
  • No Client “Travel Time” as CTS services in-house at client location
  • Highly Trained Service Reps with “Experience” in all name brands
  • You get “Only” What you Want and Need
  • Or CTS supplies the product, the transportation & labour, CTS does everything
  • Turnaround time is typically done within 48 hours of contact, within normal business hours, Monday to Friday
  • For an added fee CTS offers our “Emergency Response Service”, within a couple of hours
  • Guarantee your system will operate to OEM specs as designed

A simple phone call or email alerts our CTS team of professionals and we gear up for response and completion of the assigned task, quickly, efficiently and affordably.

We currently have this warranty program in place with several clients who do not want to be bothered with servicing or upkeep of their own electronic items.  They only want to imitate the call and receive confirmation when it is completed.

If you are interested in joining this CTS program then please contact us for more information.