Our Customer Base


Our Customer Base


For residential customers, we sell products, repair laptops and offer depot warranty services. No matter what kind of computer products or services you need, we are here for help. Being our customer, you will always smile.

Small Business:

For your Small or Medium-size business, we provide on-site service, computer rental, and computer leasing.

We provide professional computer on-site solutions for your Small or Medium-size business anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario. Our on-site service is available for two or more computers. One call will solve all the problems. We arrive fast and solve fast. With us, computer problems will never be your headache.

According to your specific situation, we will recommend you either to purchase computers from us or to rent and lease computers. Our computer rental and leasing service give you more options on all brands of desktops and laptops and more flexibility to manage your budget. You can have your systems tailored to your business with the lowest cost. We will meet your needs to your full satisfaction.


For enterprises or different levels of government, we offer our professional services of data recovery, asset management, system wholesale and system exporting.

We provide data recovery services for failed data storage media in laptops, desktop computers, data servers, RAID arrays, tapes, USB drives, DVDs, CDs and all other storage media. Data loss is not a catastrophe. Here we help.

No matter how big or how small your data storage media is, we will recover the data as required or you needn’t pay a cent. It’s that simple.

Are you wondering how to deal with your old business computers? We provide ideal solutions for you. Our asset management team is proficient and specialized. We will remove your computers efficiently without any damage, audit your computers to the details, present a complete report regarding the conditions of your computer, and make most suitable and economic suggestions for you, such as resale or disposal.

We distribute desktops, laptops and computer parts on the wholesale scale. A wide range of products are available for you with competitive price and high quality. We offer our own warranty on the products you buy. From us, you have both our products and our quality assurance.

We export computer systems and parts of all brands and models. With over 5 year experience, we are experts at exporting computing systems and parts to all over the world. Your order will be processed with 24 hours upon confirmation. Your products will be packaged with care and safety device. We will take care of tracking the products during delivery as much as you will. We offer our own warranty service on top of the manufactory warranty. Our RMA department will take care of your any warranty service request.