Reuse & Remarket

Reuse & Remarket

Why Reuse? 

  • Lowered Operational Costs
    • Most companies today, know acquisition costs of new equipment are high and to reduce their overall operational budgets and to stay completive in today’s marketplace have realized that “Reusing” is the way to go.
    • By keeping equipment for a longer lifespan or replacing it when needed with the same now older item has many benefits
    • Like being cheaper, up to ¼ of a new system.
    • Knowing the user of the device knows exactly how it operates and thus no delay in learning the operating system.
    • Everything can be easily transferred over if needed to appear exactly as it once did.
    • “No or Minimal” I.T. setup or installation requirements as with new systems.
    • Little down to user as replacement systems can be kept available onsite.
  • Repair Costs
    • Older systems can be repaired most time quite quickly and affordably, whereas new system repair costs can and do hurt your pocket if not covered by a warranty.
    • More abundant supply of parts (New & Used)
    • Operating system issues can easily be resolved as new systems if a problem is encountered may take some time to determine the root cause.
  • Environment
    • More and more companies are investing in alternative ways to become greener and reusing is one such way to not only reduce your operating costs but also to see a very quick turnaround on you environmental footprint.

Why Remarket? 

  • Cost Savings, our asset recovery service is run by a team of remarketing specialists who are experienced at selling clients’ IT equipment through channels such as resellers, retailers, brokers, and if needed overseas dealers.
  • We also have our own direct sales operation, via eBay and other well established retail channels.
  • Prior to resale each asset is cleaned, tested, securely data wiped, re-boxed. All non essential identifying stickers and asset tracking numbers are removed. Equipment is also cleaned to ensure its aesthetic value is enhanced.