Enterprise Solution:

Asset Management
Proper management of obsolete computers will not only save budget but also prevent from confidential data loss. We offer professional services and ideal solutions for you. Our efficient and specialized asset management team
will take over your computers carefully, check your computers amply, submit a comprehensive report regarding the conditions of your computer, and make most appropriate and economic suggestions for you, such as resale or
disposal or redeployment.

Ideal Solutions:

Warranty Services
On top of the manufactory warranty, we provide our depot warranty service all our products. One-Year warranty and two-year warranty are available for a very competitive price. Within warranty period, we will fix your problem quickly to your most satisfaction. You return the problem to us and we return the happiness to you.

Multilevel Business Solutions:

All Level of services
For residential customers, small businesses, enterprises, governments, organizations, we offer all kinds of system products and solutions and services including laptop repair, data recovery, asset management, and depot warranty service. No matter what your problem, you can always count on Canada Top System Inc for a fast, cost-effective solution. We meet your needs beyond your expectations.